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kitty kitty

Video: Ataman Girişken

'kitty kitty' got accepted to Aerowaves Twenty21 Choreographers


May 2022

'kitty kitty' performed @ Port of Dance Festival Rijeka, Croatia


August 2021

'rattling' accepted to the artist residency @ Neimenster,

to be performed at the Aerowaves Dance Festival Luxembourg

October 2020

'kitty kitty' accepted to Aerowaves Twenty21 Choreographers

December 2019

1st December 'kitty kitty' performance in İKSV 23rd Istanbul Theatre Festival, TR

Zaratan Air Residency programme, Lisbon, PR

21st , 30th December , 'small talk' new piece created in residency performed in Zaratan, PR

25th December 'kitty kitty' performed in Largo Residencias, PR

May 2019

30th May 'rattling' premier in Salt Beyoğlu organized by A Corner in the World Festival

April 2019

11th April  'kitty kitty' premiere in Akbank Sanat, TR

26th April 'kitty kitty' performance in Akbank Sanat, TR

Ekran Resmi 2021-09-30 ÖS 5.30.45.png
Ekran Resmi 2022-01-25 ÖS 12.14.10.png
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